Youngstown Photographic Society Newsletter - Fall 2022

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at 7:30PM at the Valley Christian Church (formerly Christ Church), 7155 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, Ohio.

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If you have information that you would like to contribute to the Web page or regular newsletter, please let me know. You can e-mail me or give me the information at a meeting. You don't need to write a complete article, but feel free to do so, if you wish. Just jot down the info and I will format and expand on the outline as needed. Perhaps there is just some question or subject you would like covered here. Let me know and I will do my best to include the information in a future article.
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Why Use a Softbox or Umbrella??

Print Competition Winners

Fall 2022

Please note that due to changes at the church our meeting nights have changed to Tuesdays, the first and third of each month.
Our first meeting this fall is September 20

Your assignments for our next meeting, September 20, 2022.
Six, 4x6 prints. Yes, prints! They are less than 30 cents each! Here's the plan�prints look different than projected images, colors are more true and sharpness is better, and contrast is usually higher.

► Flowers - in B/W. You are encouraged to use the black & white camera setting so you can see the result immediately, especially if you haven't shot that way very much.
► Macro, even if you do not have a macro lens.
►Scenery in B/W.
► What is it?
Person or people having fun.

Take more one than exposure for each category. Download to a CD or thumb drive and save it for the first fall meeting. Also, consider getting the prints made soon so you can be a judge of what you have done. Critique yourself and see how you compare to the critiques you receive from other club member next fall.
There will be prizes for each category.