Youngstown Photographic Society Newsletter - Winter-Spring 2016

Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at 7:30PM at the Christ's Church, 7155 Glenwood Ave., Boardman, Ohio.

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Winter-Spring 2016

  Jan. 5 Show and Tell - Bring in up to 5 (five) recent Holiday Season Photos: Christmas, Hanukah, Quanza, Family or photos taken at our field trip to Riverside in Dec. Photos to be a 5x7 print or digital.
Jan. 18 How-to: Portraits - How to shoot portraits, family, kids and more. Frank Marr and Dale Beckman will present a demonstration to show lighting and posing techniques for all your portrait needs.
Portrait Model Shoot at Frank's studio! Bring your camera, and tripod. Bring a model if you like, your kids, grand kids, friends,or volunteer. Member photographers only due to space limitations.
Feb. 1  Macro Photography - Richard States will lend his expertise for a talk about macro photography. Learn about equipment and technique for taking extreme close up photos. Note: Get ready ffor our extra meeting this month and the subject 29. See the write-up for Feb. 29.
Feb. 15 How to: Motion - Freezing, showing. & creating motion in a still image - How do you show movement in a photograph, Special considerations. Presentation by Frank Marr.
Feb. 29 Leap Year Day! - "29" - This is the 5th Monday in February, a quite rare event so we should honor it and the leap year with an extra meeting. Make images of ""29"", whatever that means to you. Be creative. Bring in your images, digital or 5x7 matted prints. The membership will vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each format with a critique to follow.
Mar. 7 Flash Photography - Tracey Steel will discuss how to use on camera flash and speedlights both on & off camera. 
Mar. 21  Image Editing - Introduction to Lightroom will be presented by Jeff Bennet and the Introduction to Photoshop by Sue Ramdin.
Apr. 4 Night Photography - Learn about equipment and techniques for getting those great night shots. Signup for Do it Right the 1st Time, Back to Film project. Using a one time use camera, members will fill a roll of film with photos for later viewing.
Apr. 18 Show and Tell - Review & critique night photography photos - Five digital projected images or 5x7 prints. Turn in cameras for Do it Right the 1st Time, Back to Film project to have film developed.
May 2 Show and Tell - Do It Right The First Time and Story Board photos. Review prints from Do it Right the 1st Time, Back to Film project. Critique & vote on best images. For the story board, tell a story using only three 5x7 prints. Members will vote for best story.
May 16 Mill Creek Rose Garden - Field trip to work on photographing macro subjects, plants, trees fountains, etc.. Meet 5pm or come later. Gardens close at 8pm.
May 23  Show & Tell - From the Rose Garden Outing, bring your best pictures (5x7 prints or digital) for critique. Maximum 5 images please
June 6  Business Meeting - This is your time to bring up any changes you would like to see for the new year and participate in discussions. There will be an election of officers