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Gadgets for Your Camera Bag

By Ed Chop

1. Velcro - use it to attach reflectors to flash. Many other uses.
2. Clothes pins - The clamp type. Use them for mini clamps. Holds wires to poles, reflectors to poles and much more.
3. Pen light - Surely, you'll be photographing fireworks this summer. See what's in your bag, check your camera settings, etc.
4. Sharpie pens - Mark anything, film cans and canisters, mostly.
5. Small reflectors - Use them to reflect light into shadows when shooting flowers and other small subjects.
6. Collapsible reflector - I use a windshield sun screen, much cheaper than those sold by camera equipment dealers.
7. Garbage bags - Keep things dry when it rains. Kneel on one in wet locations.
8. Plastic zipper bags - Put all kinds of things in them to keep dry. Put a whole camera in a large one.
9. Filter wrench - Small and flat, but very useful to remove the most stubborn filters.
10. Jewelers screwdriver set - Useful for tightening screws and making quick repairs.

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