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Recently, I was looking at a rabbit magazine. They were having a pet rabbit photo contest. Well, since I have a photogenic pet rabbit, I thought about sending in an entry or two. However, after reading over the rules (always read the rules), I learned that all photographs and slides became the property of the magazine and cannot be returned. They even went as far to state that "previously published or similar in-camera duplicate photos are not eligible". Well, obviously, they are looking for free editorial and commercial photos. Entrants should not be surprised to some day see their works on a greeting card or calendar without any compensation.

These kinds of contests make me angry. There is no reason why anyone who is sponsoring a contest cannot return entries if return postage is enclosed. They either do not want to bother, or they want to use the photos. I think that many of them want the photos. With the proliferation of internet images and image CD's on the market, there is certainly a desire to find very cheap images for resale.

My advice is to not enter any photo contest that does not return your photos. They also should not claim the photos as theirs. That photo you send is yours. It is your creation, and you own it. Keep control of your photographs. Don't give up your rights to use them.

I just read an ad in the comics section of our local newspaper. It's a photography contest. It says you can win $1,000 dollars. They will even send you comments about the artistry of your photos. However, they will not return photos. Gee, they have the time and resources to review and critique each photo, but they can't return them. It doesn't make much sense to me. The ad dosen't mention anything about ownership. I guess more information is available on their web site. Let me know your opinion. Drop me a line.

Ed Chop

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