I am always asked, "What is the best camera to buy?" The question should be "What is the best camera for me?" Well, the answer is that only you can tell. It's a lot like buying a car. First, decide what you want to do with your camera. Is this for snapshots, competition, studio photos, action shots, location, vacations, etc. What is your budget?

Get a good, current camera buying guide and study it well. Find out what features you want on your SLR. Prioritize them. What do you really need? What additional features would you like? Find the SLR's with the features that are important to you. Make a little chart listing the features of your selected cameras. Include comments for the pros and cons of each one. You may also want to think about availability of lenses and accessories. eliminate those out of your price range.

Pick the ones that are best for you in your price range. Go to the dealers and try them out. Hold them, play with the controls. Take some photos, if you can. What models are you comfortable with? Talk to some knowledgeable salespeople.

Now, it's just a matter of your personal preference based on your "test drives". Pick the one that's most comfortable with the most features you've chosen. Have fun!

Buying a New SLR

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By Ed Chop

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