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Tips for Photographing Your Pet

Photographing your pet can be fun and exciting. Sometimes it can be a bit frustrating, too. They usually don’t do what you want when you try to get their picture. Try to get the photo when they are doing something they like to do and they really aren’t paying attention to what you are doing.

Get down to their level. Avoid standing and pointing the camera at the floor. You don’t want the picture to look like you were documenting your new carpet and the dog just happened to walk into the picture. Sit down, lie down or get your pet to a higher level. You want the photo to appear natural.

Beware of flash. Using your on camera flash or a hot shoe flash will surely lead to red eye and a demonic looking photo. Get the flash away from your camera, if possible and use a diffuser in front of the light or bounce it from the ceiling or a diffusing accessory.

Just like any other portrait, beware of your background. Keep it simple and a contrasting color or shade so as not to blend in with your pet. You want your subject to stand out.

Take a lot of shots because, if your pet is moving around, it will be hard to get that great shot at just the right moment. Try to anticipate his next move and be ready to snap your photo.

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