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I have observed the operation of three different hobby clubs over the last few years. All of them were more than 50 years old. One no longer exists. The others are ailing. The reasons for this could be attributed to the following:

Rules For Ensuring That Your Club Will Cease To Exist

1. Never volunteer to help with anything. Above all, don't ever volunteer to become an officer of the club; let the select few that run the club do it all.

2. Make sure that everyone knows that you know more about photography than anyone else. If a discussion begins, get your word in early. Speak loudly so that you drown out everyone else's opinions. Argue with anyone that disagrees with you. And don't let up until everyone agrees with you.

3. Ignore any newcomers that visit your club. If you must speak to them, make sure they know that you know everything they'll ever need to know about photography. Above all, make sure that you do not tell them anything that might improve their photographic talents.

4. Never bring up a new idea or suggest a new program that might interest the members. Never offer to present a program.

5. If there is a slide or print competition, make sure that the judges know before hand which entries are yours and that you consider them the best they'll see. Make sure that the club only selects judges that are very familiar with your work.

6. Never tell any of the less experienced photographers in the club how you took a particular image. After all, you don't want them to improve and become competitive in the club.

7. Buy the best and latest camera equipment that money can buy. Make sure the members know what you've bought, how much you spent, and how this enables you to make superior images. Also, make sure they know that unless they own your brand of camera equipment, they'll never be able to take good images.

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