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Food Photography Tips

By Ed Chop

1. Select your subject - Choose something colorful. Pick the best example you can find.

2. Don’t light from the front - Side or back lighting is usually best. Place the lights to show the texture of the food.

3. Get down low - You may be used to looking at your food from about a 45 degree angle, but it’s not the most flattering view.

4. Move in close - crop out any distracting background or props. Keep it simple. The fewer props, the better.
5. Keep it fresh - Shoot your photos quickly, before the food starts to lose its freshness. Use a stand in to set up your lights and set. Cooking oil can sometimes be used to give the food some glisten and keep it fresh looking longer. But don’t overdue it. Glycerin and water in a spray is a good way to get droplets on your subject.

6. Composition - As in other photography, the rule of thirds and curves are important. Think "S" curve and swirls.

7. Use a complimentary color for the background. Selective focus to draw attention to the subject.

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