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Discover Shadows

By Ed Chop

Photography is the recording of light in a way that produces an image. Whether that is with film or camera’s sensor, we are manipulating that light to get the image that we desire. With light come shadows. Since the beginning of photography, shadows have intrigued photographers and have been used to make spectacular and memorable images.

Shadows can be an interesting subject in themselves or an extension or enhancement to our main subject. Mixing shadows with color or texture can produce striking images. Look for long leading lines in shadows or ones with odd shapes. Use shadows to lead the viewer’s eyes to your subject or photograph from an angle that positions the shadow to mimic the subject in a near perfect way.

A shadow falling on a subject can sometimes make it look like something it’s not. Look at your subject from different angles and see how shadows can change its appearance. Shadows can be used to obscure parts of the scene we want to hide or just to bring attention to a part of the image.

Look around you. Light and shadows are everywhere. Make them work for you. Shadows are your friend